Michael Tran , PT Tech

Michael was born and raised in Houston Texas, but moved to the Dallas area to attend The University of Texas at Dallas. He’s majoring in Healthcare Studies with hopes of becoming a physical therapist with a focus in sports medicine. Michael has always been active in sports such as football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, Shaolin kung-fu, and now rock climbing. His love of sports, especially climbing, allowed him to witness injuries first hand. He became extremely interested in the rehabilitation process by doing research to attempt to treat his own injures. There he became drawn to the field of physical therapy. Another influence for Michael’s fascination with physical therapy was his brother Franklin, who practices in Seattle. 
Michael started his journey at Athletic Advantage as a volunteer during his freshman year of college to get ahead in clinical experience. Learning under Dr. Johnson, he has developed a variety of skills such as improved patient interaction, organization, and professionalism. Michael aspires to improve and expand on these skills for use in his future career in physical therapy.