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I wish I would have found Dr. Johnson sooner in my career

I wish I would have found Dr. Johnson sooner in my career. He is a true God send and a magician with his craft that has kept me in the ring doing what I love. It is hard to put into words how amazing I feel after each visit.

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Dr. Johnson is the best. As the pound for pound number one wrestling recruit in the nation, I can't say enough about how much Dr. Johnson has helped me and my brothers stay in wrestling shape. We moved to New Jersey to advance my wrestling career but ended up coming back because no physical therapist can do what he does. Now that we're back in Allen, TX, Dr. Trapp and Dr. Johnson have both helped me recover from my shoulder surgery so I'll be ready for my senior year.

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Dr. Kirsten Trapp is a Godsend!

Dr. Kirsten Trapp is a Godsend! Very knowledgeable, very caring and all-around a wonderful person. After a full knee replacement, I was referred to a physical therapist the surgeon worked with often. After 6 weeks of stagnant results with Physical Therapy, I sought answers for the severe pain. I was referred to Dr. Trapp from a masseuse. My pain was cut in half after one session with her, allowing me to finally get a decent nights rest. I’m so thankful! Only one regret.... not finding her sooner!

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I have learned so many new techniques and exercises that have been extremely helpful for maintaining my body.

Finding Dr. Cody Johnson and the Athletic Advantage team after relocating to Dallas was a game changer for my dance career. I first came to the office with an ankle sprain I was sure was going to take me out of my next show. Through a combination of dry needling and aquatic therapy, I made a much faster recovery than I could have hoped for. Being a professional ballet dancer, it can be very stressful to deal with injuries that could take you out of a performance or a rehearsal,...

- M. FEY
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connor testimonial athletic advantage physical therapy

I am forever grateful to Dr. Johnson and his staff.

Athletic Advantage Saved My Season. Five weeks before Districts, I suffered what could have, and in most cases, would have been a season ending injury. I had a complete tear of my UCL and Flexor Origin Tendon. The injury left my elbow unstable, and I completely lost grip strength. This was my Senior year, my last chance to wrestle in high school. I was devastated! I had a great doctor who explained the risks of continuing to wrestle with this type of injury, and the absolute best coaches in my...

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jaylen walker athletic advantage pt

I recommend Cody Johnson for preventive treatment and if you are experiencing pain or constant problems due to sports, etc.

I would like to personally thank Cody and his team for the support throughout high school. This team was a major part of keeping me healthy on and off the court. Working on different techniques prevent a lot of injuries like the constant ankle sprains and knee pains I used to have in the past. I recommend Cody Johnson for preventive treatment and if you are experiencing pain or constant problems due to sports, etc. He was a true lifesaver to me while playing basketball

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hannah testimonial athletic advantage physical therapy

Dr. Johnson has helped me with everything from awful headaches to excruciating pain in my feet.

As a 17 year old dancer, I put my body through continuous strain while I prepare for auditions and my future dancing career. With hours of training and rehearsals every week, it’s hard to keep my body in its best state, but with the help of Dr. Cody Johnson I’m able to do that. Dr. Johnson has helped me with everything from awful headaches to excruciating pain in my feet. At Athletic Advantage you’re always guaranteed to be greeted with friendly faces and people willing to listen and help you...

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His attention to treating the entire body and not just one affected area has made me a stronger dancer than ever before.

I came to Athletic Advantage with a chronic knee injury I had dealt with for many years that was on the verge of ending my professional ballet career. I had seen numerous doctors and specialists throughout the country, and none were able to give me a proper diagnosis. On just my first visit with Dr. Johnson he was able to accurately identify the root cause of my injury and begin treatment. He clearly understood ballet and how a dancer's body works differently from other athletes. His attention to treating the...

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If you're in need of an incredible physical therapist, Dr. Cody Johnson is by far the best! Especially for dancers!

I am a 20 year old dancer originally from Dallas, TX and currently training at The Juilliard School in New York City. I've been dancing since I was 3 years old and have struggled with many dance injuries. After searching for years for a great physical therapist to help me, I finally found Dr. Cody Johnson who has completely changed my body for the better! He made me recover from a three year long terrible ankle injury that was hindering my dance training in New York. I honestly thought my...

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I recommend Dr. Cody Johnson!

As a member of Team USA the amount of rigorous work and stress we take our body through it is imperative to maintain regular body maintenance. During 2013, I worked with Dr. Johnson in preparation for the 14th, I have worked with him sporadically over the years since 2007 due to my variety in training locations in the United States.

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I would recommend that if you have ANY pain from any sports or dance related stress/strains/injuries -- SEE CODY at Athletic Advantage!

I have been a professional bboy and dancer for over 10 years, and in that time I've had quite a few small and bigger injuries that I've learned to live with. They have never healed correctly, and as I have continued on my path they've wreaked havoc on my performance. From posture, alignment, to even migraines. Dr. Cody Johnson has been instrumental in relieving the pain from upper shoulder muscle tension and back strains. Since a lot of pressure is placed on my back and shoulders doing certain moves, Dr....

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