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How Back Pain and Sciatica are Similar and Different

The Commonalities and Differences of Back Pain and Sciatica

The American Physical Therapy Association reports that back pain is the most common type of pain across the United States. In fact, one out of every four Americans has experienced back pain in the past three months. Back pain typically develops as the result of an injury or muscle strain, but it can sometimes be difficult to determine whether it is general back pain or sciatica. Contact Athletic Advantage Physical Therapy today.

Sciatica is a commonly misused term. The sciatic nerve originates from openings on the side of the spine and travels through the buttock, down the back of the leg and splits off to supply numerous muscles of the leg. Sciatica is a general term that indicated pain or dysfunction of the Sciatic nerve but the location of the impairment could be anywhere along its path. This means that there may be dysfunction at the lumbar spine where the nerve roots come off of the spinal cord or at any muscle along the nerve’s path. With any type of nerve pain, patients generally report a feeling of burning, tingling, numbness or aching. People with back pain may also experience sciatica, but those with sciatica may not have any pain of dysfunction in their back. Whether you’re experiencing general back pain or sciatica pain, our physical therapists are licensed and trained in helping alleviate your discomfort by finding the origin of the dysfunction. If you are suffering from back pain, contact Athletic Advantage Physical Therapy today. One of our dedicated physical therapists will design a treatment plan specific for your needs, in order to provide relief and recovery.