April 26th, 2019

As a member of Team USA the amount of rigorous work and stress we take our body through it is imperative to maintain regular body maintenance. During 2013, I worked with Dr. Johnson in preparation for the 14th, I have worked with him sporadically over the years since 2007 due to my variety in training locations in the United States. This year was the first time I was able to consistently visit him.

Upon arrival I had chronic knee pain that limited my training abilities, and within months my pain had decreased to a bare minimum. Dr. Johnson used various techniques to assist in my recovery such as Trigger Point Dry Needling and Aquatic Therapy.

Through my close work with him I was able to train and compete at the highest level possible, marking 2013 as one of my best seasons thus far in my career. For anyone looking for great a great physical therapist and true professional, I recommend Dr. Cody Johnson!