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As a 17 year old dancer, I put my body through continuous strain while I prepare for auditions and my future dancing career. With hours of training and rehearsals every week, it’s hard to keep my body in its best state, but with the help of Dr. Cody Johnson I’m able to do that.

Dr. Johnson has helped me with everything from awful headaches to excruciating pain in my feet. At Athletic Advantage you’re always guaranteed to be greeted with friendly faces and people willing to listen and help you work on any injury, whether it’s pain in your pinky finger or your whole back. If you need significant help with an injury or just want to get a checkup to make sure everything is working right, this is definitely the place to go!

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I would like to personally thank Cody and his team for the support throughout high school. This team was a major part of keeping me healthy on and off the court. Working on different techniques prevent a lot of injuries like the constant ankle sprains and knee pains I used to have in the past.

I recommend Cody Johnson for preventive treatment and if you are experiencing pain or constant problems due to sports, etc. He was a true lifesaver to me while playing basketball


I have been a professional bboy and dancer for over 10 years, and in that time I’ve had quite a few small and bigger injuries that I’ve learned to live with. They have never healed correctly, and as I have continued on my path they’ve wreaked havoc on my performance. From posture, alignment, to even migraines.

Dr. Cody Johnson has been instrumental in relieving the pain from upper shoulder muscle tension and back strains. Since a lot of pressure is placed on my back and shoulders doing certain moves, Dr. Johnson has been precise at zoning in on the right areas to apply his Trigger Point Dry Needling techniques. In addition to lasering and working with Storm on how to maintain my fitness, I’ve been seeing incredible results in training and muscle stamina. I would recommend that if you have ANY pain from any sports or dance related stress/strains/injuries — SEE CODY at Athletic Advantage!


I came to Athletic Advantage with a chronic knee injury I had dealt with for many years that was on the verge of ending my professional ballet career. I had seen numerous doctors and specialists throughout the country, and none were able to give me a proper diagnosis.

On just my first visit with Dr. Johnson he was able to accurately identify the root cause of my injury and begin treatment. He clearly understood ballet and how a dancer’s body works differently from other athletes. His attention to treating the entire body and not just one affected area has made me a stronger dancer than ever before.

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